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Sheila Leluga-Rinearson

Howdy, I’m Sheila (Leluga) Rinearson, a  graphic media specialist living south of Chicago’s Windy City. I grew up in a small town where my friends from the city said, “You live where the radio breaks up”.  Indeed, I did. I could be found on a softball field  playing competitive ball or a pick-up game with the neighbors. When not playing sports, I was found out in the woods, up in a tree, drawing in my sketchbook for hours.  My love of drawing, was nurtured by my parents and my mentors, Mr. and Mrs. Drisi; my grade school art teacher. As a young artist, I grew up with their daughters and was blessed with the opportunity to experience the work of both. (Mohamed and Nanette Drisi) (  I started my advanced studies of art at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.  I then transferred to the American Academy of Art where I graduated as one of the first electronic desktop layout class.

I had worked in the print industry for several years before starting work in the tradeshow industry, working for a general contractor as a designer for association’s annual conferences and events. Currently I am working on the flip side of the industry, with the exhibitors, as a designer, presentation specialist, layout artist, and graphics manager. My freelance work consists mostly of fine art paintings and print design, with brochures, business cards, letterhead, posters, invites and logos and currently, web design and development.

Through all those years, I raised a family with my four great children.

With media changing daily, I went back to school again to learn more about the web. Being able to bring my love of film work, fine arts and design together in my web work, which has enriched my passion for design, and allowed me to art direct.

Take a PEEK through my portfolio. We'll PARTNER up and create some great new artwork!

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